Episode 07: Yes, you have a personal brand. And that’s a good thing. A chat with Brand Director Rachel Garahan.

Rachel Garahan is a Brand Director working with high-profile clients in the wellness and lifestyle sectors, such as Yoga Journal, Dr. Andrew Weil and Bobby Berk (!!!!!!) from Queer Eye. We talk about the skill set required to for her job and why authenticity is important when thinking about how you brand yourself or your company. We also try to get Rachel to re-brand the Workin’ Podcast. Is it an offer she can refuse? Listen and find out!

Rachel is also a photographer, writer, graphic designer and author of the book A Beauty Collected. Hit Rachel up on Instagram or her website. Please also visit the greatest living human, Bobby Berk, at his new website that features Rachel’s design work.

Reed Fish is @tallreedfish on Instagram and @reedfish on Twitter.

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