Episode 05: What’s wrong with Industrial Wine? Plenty. A talk with Wine Buyer Bob Huey.

Bob Huey has been in the wine business for 14 years and has tasted thousands and thousands of wines. In our conversation, he lets us in on the single biggest factor he looks for when buying a wine and explains why Cherry Coke influences the flavors of so much American wine. Plus, he tells us the thoroughly depressing reason why he likes to stock European wines in his shop. Also, we have an EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS SEGMENT where Bob gives us the low-down on just what exactly goes into the vast majority of California wine. Spoiler Alert: It’s not good stuff.

I actually do say wow on certain wines.  You want to have all these things, but they do need to be in harmony and they need to be stunning.    – Bob Huey, Post de Chene 

To check out Bob’s amazing wine shop, visit in person or go now to pointdechene.com. Also, hit them up on Instagram.

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