Episode 03: Disney Princesses do make dreams come true with Stephanie Fish.

Stephanie Fish was Princess Tiana at Disneyland for four years. In our conversation she tells us how her insatiable love of Disneyland was not diminished by the grind of doing endless princess meet-and-greets. Stephanie also opens up about how portraying Disney’s first Black princess was literally a dream come true.  Stephanie was cast as Princess Tiana even before the movie Princess and the Frog was released in 2009. Plus, we get to the bottom of whether there are secret tunnels under Disneyland and find out why so many Disneyland princesses get crabs.

***Note, due to the princess straight talk, discussion of skeevy dudes and crabs, not recommended for the youngest listeners. ***

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“When you take a walk through the park by yourself when it’s closed it is so magical and beautiful.”      – Stephanie Fish

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