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Episode 08: Quenching the thirst of the kombucha generation. A talk with Kombucha Brewer Adam Gallegos.

Adam and Sonia Gallegos needed a change. They sold their thriving real estate business, moved across the country and, taking a very big leap of faith, opened Revel, a kombucha bar in Ojai CA two and a half years ago. Revel turned out to...

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Episode 07: Yes, you have a personal brand. And that’s a good thing. A chat with Brand Director Rachel Garahan.

Rachel Garahan is a Brand Director working with high-profile clients in the wellness and lifestyle sectors, such as Yoga Journal, Dr. Andrew Weil and Bobby Berk (!!!!!!) from Queer Eye. We talk about the skill set required to for her job and why authenticity...

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Episode 06: EVERYONE is a curator now. Or are they? A talk with Curator Frederick Janka.

Frederick Janka has been curating contemporary art in Mexico and the U.S. for over 15 years. In our conversation he politely brushes aside the notion that everyone is curator and tells us why he thinks the more typical role curators play is vitally important....

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Episode 05: What’s wrong with Industrial Wine? Plenty. A talk with Wine Buyer Bob Huey.

Bob Huey has been in the wine business for 14 years and has tasted thousands and thousands of wines. In our conversation, he lets us in on the single biggest factor he looks for when buying a wine and explains why Cherry Coke influences...

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Episode 04: Illustrating simply and obsessively, or how to be Real Fun, Wow with Daren Magee.

Illustrator Daren Magee is better know to his thousands of fans as Real Fun, Wow. Daren is talented, prolific and has a singular, immediately recognizable aesthetic. We sit down, stretch out our legs and chat about ego, obsessiveness, simplicity and why having time constraints...

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Episode 03: Disney Princesses do make dreams come true with Stephanie Fish.

Stephanie Fish was Princess Tiana at Disneyland for four years. In our conversation she tells us how her insatiable love of Disneyland was not diminished by the grind of doing endless princess meet-and-greets. Stephanie also opens up about how portraying Disney’s first Black princess...

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  • SEASON 1 FINALE!! Such a great episode as we have Sophie Ward @theloveriver on to discuss her time as a model. Sophie had a lot of success walking the runway for designers such as @armani and @dvf and appearing in @voguemagazine and @harpersbazaarus. As successful as she was, she also struggled with an eating disorder and felt forever in the shadow of her supermodel sister. This was a wonderful, candid and ultimately uplifting conversation that is the perfect way to end this fun first season of Workin’ It Pod! Catch up on all our episodes before Season 2 drops on Labor Day 2019!!!!
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  • We're talkin' tomatoes this week on Workin' It pod!!! Such a blast to chat with Scott Daigre, the producer behind @tomatomania , the world's largest tomato seedling sale! In this fun and fast-moving conversation, Scott schools Reed on the basics to his method of growing amazing-tasting and bountiful tomatoes in your home garden. Plus, so much more tomato talk!!! Link to podcast in bio .
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  • Military week on Workin’ It pod!! @jim_shelton_ojai served active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years, eventually rising to the rank of Captain. In our talk, we explore the sometimes monotonous daily routine of being a deployed marine and learn some surprising truths about how the military actually operates day-to-day . We also hear his first-hand account of how the simple act of being ready can lead to tragedy.