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Episode 13: All I want is more tomatoes. A talk with Tomatomania Producer Scott Daigre.

PEOPLE! All your tomato questions get answered in the episode! Scott Daigre is the producer behind Tomatomania, the world’s largest tomato seedling sale. In this fun and fast-moving conversation, Scott schools Reed on the basics to his method of growing amazing-tasting and bountiful tomatoes...

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Episode 12: The financial, physical and emotional costs of always being ready. A talk with U.S. Marine Captain Jim Shelton.

Jim Shelton served active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years, eventually rising to the rank of Captain. In our talk, we explore the sometimes monotonous daily routine of being a deployed marine and learn some surprising truths about how the military...

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Episode 11: Trader Joe’s behind the scenes. Are people as happy as they seem? A talk with Trader Joe’s Sign Artist Meggie Hawthorne.

Meggie Hawthorne was a crew member at Trader Joes for for seven years and a Sign Artist for three of those. In our talk we learn about the daily grind of making sure all the shelf signs in the store are correct and how...

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Episode 10: Every single moment of our lives is unscripted. A talk with Improvisation Coach David Taylor.

David Taylor has a 10-year history with Improvisation, studying at the American Acadamey of Dramatic Arts in New York and taking improv classes from Gary Austin, the founder of the Groundlings. In our conversation, David explains why he believes that improv can fundamentally change...

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Episode 09: Wherever you go, there you are. Or, how to go to Kyrgyzstan and reshape your life. A talk with Kiva Media Fellow Liz Fish.

Liz Fish did a stint as a Kiva Media Fellow, traveling to Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan to document success stories of entrepreneurs receiving loans from Kiva, the micro-finance non-profit. In our fun (and emotional) conversation, Liz lets us in on the secret of...

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Episode 08: Quenching the thirst of the kombucha generation. A talk with Kombucha Brewer Adam Gallegos.

Adam and Sonia Gallegos needed a change. They sold their thriving real estate business, moved across the country and, taking a very big leap of faith, opened Revel, a kombucha bar in Ojai CA two and a half years ago. Revel turned out to...

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