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Episode 03.01: Farmer Emily Staalberg: How a farm can help save the planet.

We’re back!  Emily Staalberg is co-owner of Steel Acres, a family farm in Ojai CA. In this episode we finally get an answer as to why there is never a shortage of beets in your farm share or CSA. Emily also gives us the...

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Episode 02.08: Pro Poker Player Jeremy Kottler: If you’re winning, that means someone else is losing.

Jeremy Kottler has won over $1.6 million playing poker professionally. In our chat, Jeremy gives insights into the technique of how pros approach the game and lets us in on the fact that he doesn’t always use math to guide his decisions at the poker...

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Episode 02.07 Montessori Preschooler Mabel Fish: School is work and I love it!

Mabel Fish, who, as she will readily tell you, is 4-11/12 years old and has been attending a small Montessori Pre-school since she was 2-1/2. In this episode she tells us about many of the different works she does at school (chain work, counting...

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Episode 02.06 Tesla Sales Rep Ignacio Anzaldo: Actually listening to clients is the way to sell $100,000 cars.

Ignacio Anzaldo sold Tesla cars for over 2 years. He still drives one of the cars and in this episode, gets back to his roots by letting Reed take a test drive. Ignacio also clues us in to how he knows if you’re a...

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Episode 02.05: Color Strategist Vyana Novus: We are all inherently creative.

In addition to being a painter and illustrator, Vyana Novus is a color strategist. You may ask, “What is a color strategist?” We had the same question! Listen and find out what exactly a color strategist is and how Vyana helps people use color...

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Episode 02.04: Wilco Keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen: Wilco does, indeed, love you.

SPECIAL NOTE: At the end of this episode, hear the brand-new, unreleased, Wilco song, White Wooden Cross.  Mikael Jorgensen is the keyboardist for Wilco, one of the most celebrated indie rock bands of the last 25 years. In our conversation we find out if...

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