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Episode 02.05: Color Strategist Vyana Novus: We are all inherently creative.

In addition to being a painter and illustrator, Vyana Novus is a color strategist. You may ask, “What is a color strategist?” We had the same question! Listen and find out what exactly a color strategist is and how Vyana helps people use color...

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Episode 02.04: Wilco Keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen: Wilco does, indeed, love you.

SPECIAL NOTE: At the end of this episode, hear the brand-new, unreleased, Wilco song, White Wooden Cross.  Mikael Jorgensen is the keyboardist for Wilco, one of the most celebrated indie rock bands of the last 25 years. In our conversation we find out if...

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Episode 02.03: Animation Director Ross Venokur: The gut-wrenching freedom of making indie animated films.

Ross Venokur has directed animated feature films such as A.C.O.R.N.S: Operation Crackdown and the soon to be released Charming, starring Demi Lovato, Sia and John Cleese. He’s currently heavily into production on his third animated feature, The Silk Road Rally. In our conversation we...

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Episode 02.02: Remix Artist Cassandra C. Jones: I’m just gonna go tomorrow, make something new and find joy in that.

Cassandra C. Jones is a remix artist using digital photography to create large-scale collage works. In our conversation, we learn exactly what a “remix artist” is and how she goes about the process of making her giant, gorgeous prints. We also talk about the delicate...

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Episode 02.01: Pro Tennis Player Lester Cook: Exactly how does it feel to be ranked 191st in the world?

This is is one of our favorite episodes ever and we’re thrilled that it’s our SEASON 2 PREMIERE! Lester Cook was a professional tennis player for 6 years. He won 8 professional singles titles and 18 doubles titles, reaching a career high ranking of...

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Episode 14: SEASON 1 FINALE! It did a lot to my head to see my body photoshopped in front of me. A talk with Model Sophie Ward.

Sophie Ward walked the runway in fashion capitals around the world for 8 years and appeared in countless magazines, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. In our conversation, Sophie tells that while modeling was her ticket out of Perth, Australia, it also led to an...

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