Episode 09: Wherever you go, there you are. Or, how to go to Kyrgyzstan and reshape your life. A talk with Kiva Media Fellow Liz Fish.

Liz Fish did a stint as a Kiva Media Fellow, traveling to Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan to document success stories of entrepreneurs receiving loans from Kiva, the micro-finance non-profit. In our fun (and emotional) conversation, Liz lets us in on the secret of what gift to bring Ukrainian farmers to immediately get in their good graces and tells us how stints of long-term international travel have changed her life. She also gives the inside scoop on what it’s like to be married to Reed. Uh-oh. This episode features laughs, tears and, hopefully, some inspiration.

A Kiva loan recipient and her son in Georgia. Photo by Liz Fish.

See the video Liz produced in Kyrgyzstan about Meerim and read her story on Medium.

A farmer in Ukraine. Photo by Liz Fish.

Make a loan to an entrepreneur in need today at It’s fun and you’ll get paid back!

Simperofol, Ukraine. Photo by Liz Fish.

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