Episode 04: Illustrating simply and obsessively, or how to be Real Fun, Wow with Daren Magee.

Illustrator Daren Magee is better know to his thousands of fans as Real Fun, Wow. Daren is talented, prolific and has a singular, immediately recognizable aesthetic. We sit down, stretch out our legs and chat about ego, obsessiveness, simplicity and why having time constraints just might be a good thing. Also, we, of course, talk about ayahuasca.

“I think nature kind of nailed it and I’m basically just trying to copy it in a simplified, modified form.”  

-Daren Magee

You know you want to see more of Daren’s work, so go now to realfunwow.com and of course, follow him on Instagram.  You can check out his mural at Superba Snacks in Pasadena. We also discuss the excellent album and art for Lost Time Behind the Moon by Scott Hirsch.

Reed Fish is @tallreedfish on Instagram and @reedfish on Twitter.

Since we mentioned it in our chat, you might want to watch The Five Obstructions for FREE on Kanopy. Do you know Kanopy? It’s a great free streaming service that you can get with your library card (provided your library is a part of the Kanopy network.) It’s great!

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